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Pause the Pressure: Mindfulness to Avoid Conflict & Improve Team Communication

Conflict in the workplace amongst team members rarely has to do with the day to day operations, but rather a breakdown in one of three areas- empathy, compassion, and communication.  A conversation mismatch occurs when one person speaks processes through the lens of a data-driven mindset, and the other from an emotional mindset.  In this episode, Evo’s Chief Wellness Officer, Dr. Romie, talks about how the Power of Pause can bring teams together through mindful communication.  Take a moment to pause and reflect what your communication style – are you a pressure cooker, silent volcano, or all out-blurt out type of communicator?  When we use the Power of Pause to see how others communicate during times of high emotions or stress, the mindfulness-based techniques will help prevent conflict in team meetings and conversations.

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