brainDRAIN: Your Busy Brain is Causing an Energy Drain

Your busy brain score is between a 30-39, this means your energy is being drained.

Don’t worry, about 10% of people who take this test also have a brainDRAIN.

Scroll below for additional resources from the scientifically created “brainSHIFT Protocol.”

Seal your brainDRAIN

Your busy brain score is between a 30-39, this means you have your energy is being drained.

Are you fighting fatigue, difficulty focusing?

Typical energy boosters like caffeine, exercise, or a full night of sleep no longer refuel you.

With a brainDRAIN you are wired and tired.

  • You are more physically tired than usual,
  • Your brain is wired constantly thinking and analyzing.

Cure your Busy Brain with a simple brainBOOST. Reclaim your energy, ability to focus, and productivity.

Here are simple steps you can start tonight for a brainBOOST from the “brainSHIFT Protocol.”

Your 7-DAY brainSHIFT Challenge

Cure your Busy Brain with the 3/30 brainBREAK

Create a brainSHIFT in just 3 minutes during the daytime and with 30 minutes prior to your bedtime. Follow these simple steps:

Take 3 minutes during the day:

  • Taking three minutes away from digital device to reset your brain.
  • Take a brainBREAK by calming all of your senses

Take 30 minutes at night:

  • Set a regular time to go to bed nightly.
  • Divorce your digital devices from the bedroom
  • Perform a brainDUMP
  • Download and listen to the following guided meditations.


Meditation has been scientifically proven to reduce inflammation in the brain (thus reducing the negative impact of daily stress on our brains and physical well-being). During times of panic, the Loving-Kindness meditation (Meta Bhavana) helps us to foster compassion. We have included an additional and optional meditation to help with preparing for sleep.

The Loving Kindness Meditation

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