Corporate Wellness Consulting

Optimize the brain health of your leadership team and employees to improve performance, foster well-being and achieve persistent success.

Whether you’re the CEO, a C-suite executive, or a leader hoping to implement wellness across your organization, it’s time to create an outstanding program for optimal wellness, happiness, and success.

Dr. Romie’s Corporate Wellness Consulting and Coaching brings nearly 20 years of expertise in traditional and integrative medicine to the corporate world with effective programs integrating brain science, mindfulness, and integrative medicine. She is a trusted authority for corporations, Fortune 500 companies, celebrity athletes, and C-suite executives to bring mindfulness to the workspace and leadership arena.

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Dr. Romie as Chief Wellness Officer of Evolution Hospitality

As the Chief Wellness Officer (CWO) at Evolution Hospitality, Dr. Romie is one of the first physicians placed in a Chief Wellness Officer role in the US for a corporation of over 5,000+ people – creating and implementing company-wide programs and initiatives to lead the organization to better health and wellness.

Evolution (Evo) Hospitality is a uniquely positioned leader in the hospitality industry, attracting top talent both for skills and their unique culture. Throughout their organization, Evo Hospitality focuses on developing the whole being, practicing servant leadership, and developing team members to be the best version of themselves.

“At Evolution Hospitality we care about our people and are committed to helping them realize their full potential, knowing that the needs of the company are best met by meeting the needs of our people. We think that when you feel good about yourself, you are in a great position to demonstrate our Values and Guiding Principles

The Power of Pause

Programs and Initiatives Dr. Romie Installed as CWO Include:

Dr. Romie’s specialty as Chief Wellness Officer is in treating individuals as a whole inside corporations and organizations. She incorporates practical programs involving topics such as calming the mind, eating for health, sleeping peacefully, improving mood, and building better relationships — and she implements it all with personality, sass, and soul.

At Evolution Hospitality, Dr. Romie brings her 20 years of expertise in neurology, integrative medicine, and mindfulness to create programs and initiatives such as:

  • Implementing a mindfulness program called the Power of Pause — based in neuroscience, psychology and mindfulness
  • Consultations to executives and leadership to improve wellness, mindful leadership, and communication
  • Initiating customized nutrition, sleep, and wellness programs to all of Evo Hospitality’s employees.
  • Company training program for leaders known as Evo Mindful Guides (individuals certified to lead and teach personal and professional mindfulness techniques)

Dr. Romie’s work at Evo is inspired by the Evo Hospitality Wellness Triangle, which balances sleep, work, nutrition, movement, creativity and community. Evolution Hospitality understands the dynamic elements of their employees lives and sets a perfect example of what corporations and organizations across the world can and should be implementing.

She could not be more thankful for an organization like Evolution Hospitality, where they are proving that a large corporation truly cares about its leadership and employee wellbeing and can see the results of implementing company-wide mindfulness and wellness practices.

Why Corporate Wellness Consulting?

Corporate Wellness Consulting, programs, workshops and initiatives help to improve employee engagement, boost overall work performance, and maximize a healthy leadership and team culture.

Dr. Romie is proving that organizations and businesses can in fact shift the brains, health, and minds of their leadership and workforce.

From this article, here are some important corporate wellness statistics:

  • A highly stressed employee costs the company an extra $2,000 per year in healthcare, when compared to their less-stressed peers.
  • Health care costs at Aetna – which total more than $90 million a year – are going down now that they offer mindfulness programs.
  • In 2012, as mindfulness programs ramped up, health care costs fell a total of 7 percent. (That equals $6.3 million going straight to the bottom line, partly attributed to mindfulness training.)

Dr. Romie does not only keynote, consult, and lead corporate wellness workshops – she comes inside companies and organizations to help leaders create and implement Corporate Wellness Programs that really work.

For leaders/executives – Corporate Wellness Consulting gives the company tools to go from reactive, stressed, or burn-out leadership to the calm and controlled mind that creates better business decisions and interactions across a company.

For employees – Corporate Wellness Consulting provides mindful health and wellness programs to reduce stress, increase productivity, and achieve overall workplace happiness and wellbeing.

By working closely with C-suite leaders and management teams, Dr. Romie’s Corporate Wellness Programs will help your business to:

  • Reduce stress, anxiety, and overwhelm
  • Improve employee engagement and retention
  • Boost overall business results and performance
  • Overcome negativity, challenges, and adversity
  • Increase a positive and organized team culture
  • Excel in the new world of work, technology, and digital overload
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Work With Dr. Romie


Optimize the health and performance of your business with half-day, full-day, and weekend workshops on corporate wellness and mindfulness.

Executive Programs

Customized programs and executive coaching to maximize mindful leadership and implement wellness across your executive teams.

Virtual Training Programs

Work across the world with Dr. Romie to improve the mindfulness and brain health of your organization through virtual, online trainings.

Dr. Romie's Wish

"My sincere wish is that more companies and corporations can become like Evo Hospitality, where they put the focus of employee health and wellness at the forefront, and in turn increase their business potential. My job is to see all teams work and live at their highest, healthiest potential. We can utilize brain science, psychology and mindfulness to help you bridge the gap and increase performance."

Dr. Romie Mushtaq

Questions? Want to Learn More?

Dr. Romie is available and excited to assist organizations, corporations, and businesses to achieve better brain health and calm, controlled minds. Reach out and EMAIL us for an initial conversation with her team.

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