brainPOWER: You are a Stress Management Warrior!

Great news! You scored under a 30 on the Busy Brain Test.

Less than 8% of people who take this test are standing in their brainPOWER.

Scroll below for additional resources from the scientifically created “brainSHIFT Protocol.”

You Are in brainPOWER

You are in good health and are able to manage your current life stressors.

When stress appears in your life you know how to:

  • process your emotions
  • perform under pressure

When life hands you challenges, you have the ability to brainSHIFT thus shutting down a busy brain.

You exhibit emotional resilience and stress management skills to calm negative feelings.

Optimize your daytime energy, focus, restful sleep, and a positive mental attitude.

Here are additional resources for you from the scientifically created “brainSHIFT Protocol”


Here are additional resources to help you boost your brainPOWER. When we take small actions to boost our daily brain power, we can improve:

  1. Energy levels upon waking up
  2. Ability to create moments of power focus in order to GTD
  3. Shut down the traffic, noise, to-do lists running in your brain at the end of the day.
  4. Welcome sleep and stay asleep all night

To create a brainBOOST, here are micro habits or brainSHIFTs recommended for your mind, body and spirit.

brainBOOST for Your Mind:

brainBOOST for Your Mind

In order to stand in your brainPOWER, let’s organize the to-do lists, emotions, and thoughts in your mind. Here are a few prompts for self-awareness I use successfully with our executive coaching clients:

  • What or who inspired you today?
  • Who are you grateful for today, and did you express the gratitude?
  • What can you approve upon from today?
  • How can you be of service to someone else?

brainBOOST for Your Body:

brainBOOST for Your Body

A quick biohack to create a boost for your brain and body is hydration. We all are told to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water daily, but clinical studies show there are other biohacks that can help your brain.

Instead of only drinking water, add caffeine, vitamins and minerals to your hydration station. Examples are coconut water or powdered mineral/vitamins to add to your water. In addition to flavor, you are boosting needed vitamin C levels.

Drinking black tea, green tea or oolong tea have tremendous benefits for your brain. EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) is an antioxidant found in green tea but also black, white and oolong tea. EGCG helps protect your brain cells from the negative affects of inflammation, and has helped in reducing the body’s production of stress hormones like cortisol.

  • Create a Hydration Station in your office, home, and primary work area
  • Your first drink of the day- water before caffeine
  • Add fresh lemon to your first glass of water
  • Try coconut water daily
  • For every cup of coffee (8oz) you consume, drink an equal amount of water
  • Add a mineral/vitamins powder to your water in the morning
  • Add green, black, or oolong tea to your daily rituals

brainBOOST for Your Spirit:

Are you tired of the assault to your senses daily from social media, the 24/7 news cycle and email inbox? As Mind Mavericks we know that meditation is medicine for the mind. However when our email inbox and brain is cluttered, sitting in silence can often be challenging. You may feel like you “fail at meditation.”

Turning off or emptying your brain is not the goal of meditation. I look at meditation as a time to allow any warring conversations going on my brain to duel it out. Or taking a pause to clear the clutter in my mind while processing and acknowledging emotions, thoughts, and stories.

Here is a guided body scan meditation that helps us get out of the chaos in our minds and create calm in our brain, body, and spirit.

Mindfulness: Body Scan Meditation

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