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Busy Brain Test

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Do you have brainPOWER?

When life hands you challenges, you have the ability to brainSHIFT thus shutting down a busy brain. You exhibit emotional resilience and stress management skills to calm negative feelings. Optimize your daytime energy, focus, restful sleep, and a positive mental attitude.

Do you have brainDRAIN?

Your busy brain score is between a 30-39, this means you have your energy is being drained. Are you fighting fatigue, difficulty focusing? Typical energy boosters like caffeine, exercise, or a full night of sleep no longer refuel you.

Do you have brainSTRAIN?

Your high stress levels are causing a brainSTRAIN on your mental, hormonal & physical health. Severe Busy Brain Syndrome will negatively affect your: mood, sleep, weight, digestion, and hormones. Cure your severe busy brain symptoms with the brainshift protocol.

Do you have BURNOUT?

You suffer from a brainSTRAIN with Burnout Risk that is likely contributing to chronic disease. You may already be suffering from burnout. With a high stress score in this area, you find you may already have symptoms related to memory, mood, and physical health. Cure your severe busy brain symptoms with brainshift protocol.

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