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The results of your Busy Brain Test are in. Here’s what to do next:

  • Learn more about your score
  • Understand how Busy Brain affects your life
  • Start week 1 of the brainSHIFT Protocol
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Understanding Your Busy Brain Test Results


Score less than 30

Congratulations! You’re part of the exceptional 8% of test-takers who are remarkable stress managers. This means you display emotional resilience and possess effective stress management skills that allow you to maintain a positive mental attitude, no matter what comes your way.

You are likely to find that you can process your emotions effectively, perform under pressure, and manage your current life stressors with ease.

Continue implementing and perhaps even amplifying your stress management strategies. This can include maintaining your physical health, adhering to healthy sleep routines, and practicing mindfulness to enhance your brainPOWER further.


Score 30 – 39

If you’re in this category, making up around 10% of test-takers, you might often feel mentally drained despite getting rest and enough sleep.

You may experience a sense of fatigue and find it difficult to focus, feeling both physically tired and mentally wired. You might notice that your usual pick-me-ups like caffeine, exercise, or a full night’s sleep no longer recharge you like they used to.

Start implementing the brainSHIFT Protocol. These techniques can help cure your Busy Brain and restore your energy, focus, and productivity levels. Order The Busy Brain Cure now to access the complete protocol


Score 40 – 59

Over 82% of test takers are in the Brain Strain or Brain Strain with Burnout category. This score indicates that you are already experiencing burnout or will very soon. High levels of stress are straining your mental, hormonal, and physical health.

Your Busy Brain might be affecting your mood, sleep, weight, digestion, and hormones.

It’s important to address your Busy Brain now before you find yourself facing burnout. We’ll start by fixing your sleep. Review Week 1 of the brainSHIFT Protocol below to get started. Order The Busy Brain Cure now to access the complete protocol.

brainSTRAIN & Burnout

Score 60 +

Over 82% of test takers are in the Brain Strain or Brain Strain with Burnout category. This score indicates that you are already experiencing burnout or will very soon. High stress levels are affecting your mental, hormonal, and physical health.

You suffer from a severe Busy Brain, which is affecting every aspect of your life. You are experiencing disruptions in your mood, sleep, weight, digestion, and hormones.

It’s essential to take action now to recover your health. We’ll start by fixing your sleep. Review Week 1 of the brainSHIFT Protocol below to get started. Order The Busy Brain Cure now to access the complete protocol

What is a Busy Brain?

brainSHIFT to Tame a Busy Brain

Busy Brain manifests in a number of different ways. Does any of this sound familiar to you?

A Busy Brain is a pattern of neuroinflammation caused by chronic stress and burnout. Busy Brain manifests as a combination of anxiety, adult-onset attention deficit disorder (ADD /ADHD), and insomnia.

Start Healing Your Busy Brain Today

The brainSHIFT Protocol is a proven 8-week plan designed to cure your Busy Brain. It’s easy to implement and much more cost-effective than working with a concierge doctor. Most importantly, it provides a long-term solution to taming symptoms of a Busy Brain so you hit your peak mental, physical, and professional performance. You can access the entire protocol in Dr. Romie’s national best-selling book, The Busy Brain Cure.

Your Gift: Week 1 of the brainSHIFT Protocol

The very foundation of the brainSHIFT Protocol is SLEEP. Sleep is so crucial to our well-being because it impacts every single system in our body. That’s why we always start by examining your sleep and taking steps to improve it.

Begin Here: The 7-Day Sleep Challenge

Let’s reset your reset circadian rhythm so you can enjoy restful sleep and increased daytime energy.

Here’s How:

  • For the next 7-days, follow the steps below.
  • For even better results, commit to doing this for 14 days.
sleep schedule

Step 1: Sleep Schedule

Sleep Schedule: For one week, go to sleep and wake up at the same time each day. Doing this reinforces your body’s natural circadian rhythm.

digital detox

Step 2: Digital Detox

Digital Detox: Avoid using digital devices for at least 30 minutes before bedtime (60+ minutes is even better). This includes your phone, TV, laptop, and Kindle.


Step 3: brainDUMP

Use an old-fashioned pen and paper to get racing thoughts out of your head and onto paper before bed. Include to-do lists, worries, exciting ideas, etc.


Step 4: brainPAUSE

Use meditation to process thoughts and emotions. Guided techniques help you shift from digital chaos to a sense of tranquility before bed.

Why Digital Detox Matters

What if I told you that one simple change in your evening routine could dramatically improve your sleep? If you struggle to fall and stay asleep, it’s a sign that your brain is overstimulated.

One of the leading causes of this is exposure to digital devices before bed. The combination of blue light and the dopamine hit you get each time you hear your phone ding is a recipe for sleep disaster.

How To Do It
Follow these steps for 1 week and pay attention to how your sleep changes during this time. For better results, extend the practice for 2 weeks (and keep it going for life!).

  • Light a candle and spend a few minutes longer on your nighttime hygiene rituals.
  • Sip a cup of herbal tea.
  • Write down 3 things you’re grateful for today.
  • Read a book (but not on your Kindle!).
  • Take a few quiet moments to connect with your partner, child, or fur baby.

Bonus: Try the 7-Day Sleep Challenge with Your Team

Looking for a way to boost morale and productivity on your team? Challenge yourself and your team to take part in a 7-Day Sleep Challenge.

Take the Busy Brain Test Again

Once you’ve successfully followed these steps for at least 7 days, I encourage you to take the Busy Brain Test again and see how your score changes.

When maintained for at least 10 days, participants in the brainSHIFT Protocol report an average reduction of 25% in their Busy Brain score.

Ready to Cure Your Busy Brain?

My national best-seller, The Busy Brain Cure, gives you access to the entire brainSHIFT Protocol. Grab a copy for yourself, your bestie who never puts down her phone, or your colleague who hasn’t slept in months.

  • Unlock the 8-week brainSHIFT Protocol: A holistic cure to reset your brain using practical microhabits to fix your sleep, tame anxiety, and improve your focus.
  • Heal the Root Cause: Gain insights into the interconnectedness of ADHD, anxiety, and insomnia, and how brainSHIFT reverses these symptoms.
  • Biohack Your Life: Learn to curb sugar cravings and stress-eating through nutritional microhabits – no diet or cleanse required!

Backed by over 20 years of clinical research and real-world application, The Busy Brain Cure is the ultimate guide to curing your Busy Brain and reaching your peak performance.

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