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The Brain Science of Quiet Quitting

Was quiet quitting just a TikTok buzzword that has become a washed-up, Gen Z trend? (says this GenX Dr. Aunty) Or did we miss the …

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Sleep Your Way to Better Health

The hustle culture of so many workplaces applauds employees who function on less than five hours of sleep. This mindset of powering through your day while sleep-deprived is setting your mind and body up for failure.

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Neuronutrient Citicoline Supports Cognitive Function & Longevity — Here’s How

Dr. Romie joins the conversation with MindBodyGreen on Choline and Citicoline – what it is, why our brains need it, and the benefits.

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Synesthesia 101: Definition, Causes + A Simple Test To Find Out If You Have It

Dr. Romie spoke with MindBodyGreen recently about synesthesia. What is it? Synesthesia is a neurological phenomenon in which information meant to stimulate one of your senses stimulates …

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