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Navigating Crucial Conversations Using Workplace Mindfulness (with Bulmaro Farias)

May 28, 2019: There is a critical moment in every high-stakes conversation, that we must pause, self reflect, and take control before we become emotionally hijacked.

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There is a critical moment in every high-stakes conversation, that we must pause, self reflect, and take control before we become emotionally hijacked, the “wig snatch” moment. The Power of Pause is Evolution Hospitality’s corporate mindfulness program designed to help foster self-awareness, wellness, & communication skills.

Evo’s Corporate Director of Talent, Bulmaro Farias joins Evo’s Chief Wellness Officer, Dr. Romie, for an honest conversation about creating and growing a corporate mindfulness program. The Power of Pause helps to create a solid foundation for “Crucial Conversations” – the communication training program used at Evo for our leaders and managers.

In a fast-paced environment of hospitality, difficult conversations are inevitable, but Crucial conversations can help people with presence, self-awareness, self-regulation, to give the best speech you will ever regret or stop the wig-snatch.

Show Notes

  • [02:22] We have been bringing the power of pause to life. Bulmaro’s advice was to spend time with all of the different teams. Everyone is hungry for a little centering.
  • [03:31] We want our team members to feel that it’s not just corporate embracing mindfulness. We want to do this for the whole company.
  • [03:51] With the housekeeping team, awkward uncomfortable laughter soon shifted into belly laughter full of joy.
  • [03:56] When we all pause together, we find the joy in our bellies.
  • [04:59] The power of pause feels great. Many of us have to work though some things before we get comfortable and realize that we love it.
  • [05:47] We trained 57 champions as our Evo Mindfulness Guides.
  • [06:06] Bulmaro has been by my side helping train others in mindfulness.
  • [06:36] One of the gifts of the power of pause and the Evo culture is having a person as your center
  • [07:22] One of Bulmaro’s key takeaway was the amount of growth that happened in the first four hours of training.
  • [08:18] At first, people felt uncomfortable. Something exciting happens at the other side of that pain.
  • [09:14] Evolution hospitality is a differentiator, because we focus on growing from within. We grow our leaders in their emotional development.
  • [10:05] Evolution has a deep level of commitment to mindfulness.
  • [10:57] Bulmaro is a strong advocate for human resources and the brainchild behind Crucial Conversations coming to Evolution Hospitality.
  • [11:45] Crucial Conversations as a model for communicating in difficult scenarios. The model relies on a deep sense of self-awareness and reflection. We first have to understand what is going on in our heads.
  • [13:36] You are responsible for the energy you bring into the room.
  • [15:10] One of the first benefits of a pause is putting yourself in a position to be present. You will be less likely to be emotionally hijacked.
  • [18:32] The pause has been especially beneficial for the sales team under high pressure situations.
  • [20:57] The HR team was the first to adapt the power of pause.
  • [22:14] Soft skills are the most predictive qualities of successful managers. Top business and law schools prioritize personal development over all other classes.
  • [23:10] Behavioral skills permeate both work life and home life.
  • [24:27] Bulmaro takes a pause when it serves him the most. He has guided meditations. He also has the Peloton app. Guided meditation will do the trick. He also prays.
  • [27:04] Test it don’t be afraid to fail. Serves him most. It starts with courage.

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