Cure Your Busy Brain

Start Your 7 Day brainSHIFT Challenge

Take the Busy Brain Stress Test

Assess, don’t guess your stress levels.

During Dr. Romie’s live workshop, you are offered the option to take this stress test.

Dr. Romie will walk you through the process, questions, and how to score your results. You can either click link below to take the test online or download by clicking the button below.

*Do not worry, you will not be sharing your personal results with anyone, this exercise is created for you to assess how stress may be affecting your physical, cognitive, and emotional well-being.

Your 7-DAY brainSHIFT Challenge

Cure your Busy Brain with the 3/30 brainBREAK

Create a brainSHIFT in just 3 minutes during the daytime and with 30 minutes prior to your bedtime.  Follow these simple steps.

Take 3 minutes during the day:

  • Taking three minutes away from digital device to reset your brain.
  • Take a brainBREAK by calming all of your senses

  Take 30 minutes at night:

  1. Set a regular time to go to bed nightly.
  2. Divorce your digital devices from the bedroom
  3. Perform a brainDUMP
  4. Download and listen to the following guided meditations.


Meditation has been scientifically proven to reduce inflammation in the brain (thus reducing the negative impact of daily stress on our brains and physical well-being). During times of panic, the Loving-Kindness meditation (Meta Bhavana) helps us to foster compassion. We have included an additional and optional meditation to help with preparing for sleep.

The Loving Kindness Meditation


Additional instructions for leaders

Thank you for the commitment to help your team members process their stress as we work from home and risk feeling disconnected from one another. We recommend setting up an accountability system to remind your team members to give the 7-day challenge a try.


  1. Encourage everyone to commit to digital detox every night for the next 7 days (this includes avoiding all smart TVs, smart tablets, computers and smart phones.
  2. In your daily or weekly meetings ask people to answer one of the mindful leadership prompts in the handout. These conversations are meant to help every team member on a virtual call give a 1-2 minute answer, and foster a positive mental attitude.
    1. What is one thing that inspired you today?
    2. Who are you grateful for, and did you express the gratitude today
    3. What made you happy today?
  3. At day 7 encourage everyone to visit and repeat the stress test to see if their number has changed.

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