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“Your virtual event pretty much mirrors your in-person event.” – Jeannette Smith, Leading Authorities, Inc.


brainSHIFT is not just a wellness program for individuals and teams- but has become a movement to restore sleep, sanity & foster a sense of connection. How often do you or your staff have: Difficulty focusing at work? Racing thoughts before bed? Feelings of stress or anxiety and end up with too many visits to the doctor with no real answers? It’s time to get to the issue’s core and break your Stress-Success Cycle.  


  1. Score your current stress level – do you have a Busy Brain or burnout?
  2. Implement three basic steps to lead with calm, decision, and precision. 
  3. Start a 7-day process to brainSHIFT from panic-induced symptoms to a PMA (Positive Mental Attitude). 
  4. Join an interactive Q&A with Dr. Romie to get actionable stress management techniques.
  5. Receive Digital Educational materials to implement the wellness and sleep programs. 
  6. Learn practical mindful techniques to implement in the corporate workspace 

brainShift: for Women Leaders: Brain Science of Success

Due to the global pandemic, boundaries between work, family, and home life are blurred – fueling a women’s health crisis. If you have difficulty focusing, anxiety, and disturbed sleep, it could be a Busy Brain. brainSHIFT for Women Leaders is a scientifically based program that will help you optimize your brain function to promote high performance, sanity, and sleep.  

In this 60-minute interactive training attendees will experience the following: 

  1. Beyond berries and breathing: Let’s get to the root cause of your Busy Brain
  2. “Work-life” balance is a myth; implement the 3/30 method to balance your brain and then balance your priorities
  3. Mental health and well-being answers for women’s brains
  4. How men can be allies using mindfulness-based techniques in the workplace
Dr. Romie Virtual Speaker at Fox News


Dr. Romie Mushtaq, MD is a board-certified physician who is on a mission to transform workplace wellness, with a special focus on brain and mental health. With over 20 years of authority in neurology, integrative medicine, and mindfulness, she speaks and consults with Fortune 500 companies, professional athletes, and global associations. Dr. Romie serves as Evolution Hospitality’s Chief Wellness Officer where she has scaled a mindfulness & wellness program for over 7000 employees. Her expertise is routinely featured in the national media such as Forbes, NBC, Fox Business, and Ted Talks. Dr. Romie is writing her first book and you can join #brainSHIFT movement by following @DrRomie on social media or


“Your virtual event pretty much mirrors your in-person event.” – Jeannette Smith, Leading Authorities, Inc.

“I am so grateful to Dr. Romie for delivering such a remarkable virtual presentation. It was nothing short of incredible- very informative and insightful.

Dr. Romie, you are a superstar, I was glued to the screen.

A few of us at MDRT were getting a bit emotional seeing the comments from our members going back and forth showing their appreciation of you sharing the ideas of how to cope with stress during this difficult time. We are incredibly humbled and thankful for your time.”

– Lena Polishuk, Membership and External Relations Strategist, Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT)

“Thank you for a great virtual session yesterday!

We’ve received loads of positive feedback, and we were really pleased with the engagement level of the audience that participated.

We were able to capture data on the stress level of our employees, and will be continuing to work with you to help our associates cope with a new normal.”

– Jenny Hung, AIG Team Lead, AIG Retirement Services Meetings & Events

“On behalf of myself, the EO Global Learning team and committee, I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for sharing your time, insight and experience with our community yesterday. We are all better for it! We’ve been receiving great feedback from participants, including the following comments from some of our members…

  • ‘I have to show my family this! Such practical advice.’
  • ‘It was surprisingly eye opening that it doesn’t take any time or effort to stop and breathe and become re-centered.’

Definitely a timely message that you shared. Thank you!”

– Hannah Marsh, Learning Manager, Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO)

Dr. Romie Virtual Workplace Wellness Speaker


Professional quality presentations are delivered, seated or standing, from a studio with high definition camera, professional quality lighting and sound. 

Dr. Romie works with any program your team uses, including Zoom, Webex, Hopin, OnAIR and more. Want a turnkey solution? Dr. Romie’s team will set up and moderate the session using our platform, including optional branded registration page.

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