10 Minute Time-Out: Stress Relief for Your Brain & Your Team

Take a moment to pause and ask yourself, how do you feel after hearing our leaders speak at the Town Hall meeting or reading emails? Change in any organization can create fear, even in times of success and growth. Evolution Hospitality’s Chief Wellness Officer, Dr. Romie, discusses how to take ten minutes to destress your mind and destress your team.

After a period of intense focus, or when you’re feeling stuck, taking just a few minutes away from your desk and looking up from your screen can be just the thing you need. In fact, researchers have found that taking regular mini-breaks during the day can help shift your perspective when you feel stressed, and help you return to your work feeling recharged and refocused. Try these strategies to pause and recharge during your workday. You’ll hear ideas ranging from power naps, meditation, and being outdoors.

  1. Start with a breath break, which is the first step in the Power of Pause.
  2. Take a power nap!
  3. Look at a memorable memento in your office.
  4. Text a friend, someone who is not working in your office.
  5. Schedule “me time” in your calendar during your workday.
  6. Go outside for a break with your pets, your team, or a friend!

Taking a few minutes away from your desk or your computer by only taking your eyes off your screen and desk can be what you need to recharge. Researchers have found taking mini-breaks during the day can assist in changing your perspective when you are stressed. Power naps for 20 to 30 minutes can be a recharge. Another action you can take to pause is to look at a memorable memento. Proactively check-in with friends throughout the day without waiting for their response. Tell them you are thinking about them and note a shared memory in your text. Taking a break from work and scheduling “me time” is critical for your mental health. Go outside and take wellness time for yourself during your workday.

How do you practice these steps at Evolution Hospitality? Email Dr. Romie about your Take 10 To Pause specific experiences you have created in your office and with your team.

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Show Notes:

  • [01:52] Change in any organization can create fear.
  • [02:23] Emotions hijacking our brain in times of emotional turmoil.
  • [03:00] The first step in bringing your team to a calm and conscious state.
  • [04:53] Look at a memorable memento in your office to take a break and pause.
  • [06:36] Text a friend who is not working with you to take a pause.
  • [07:29] Schedule “me time” in your calendar as a survival strategy.
  • [08:57] The challenge of bringing greenspace into the workplace.
  • [10:22] Bringing greenspace inside boosts your general health and decreases stress.
  • [11:41] I’m ready to interview your team to find out what you do for your 10 minute pause.

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