A Life Changing Bottle of Excellence with Justin Hart

October 10, 2019: Justin Hart explains the power of practicing mindfulness in the workplace. You'll hear how the team created a meditation room to take a pause to decompress, celebrate, share gratitude.   

Award-winning General Manager, Justin Hart, overcomes his fear of public speaking to champion the Power of Pause at Evo corporate headquarters and join Dr. Romie on the Wellness Evolved Podcast.  
Justin explains what happened when his team steered away from the habit of practicing mindfulness in the workplace.  The hotel’s leadership team started to feel disconnected and chaotic, and Justin talked about how to “make it better than it was before.”  You’ll hear how the entire team at Domain Sunnyvale Hotel created a meditation room for them to take a pause to decompress, celebrate, share gratitude.   

When Justin says he has a life-changing bottle of wine to try, he delivers a whole new level of excellence.  Hear his secrets to picking a great bottle of wine, bring laughter to his team, and how he practices digital detox while traveling.

Wellness Evolved is a corporate mindfulness and wellness podcast sponsored by Evolution Hospitality

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