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Mindful Leadership: Navigating Chaos to Calm


In our first two lectures, we discussed the concept of mindful leadership and how mindfulness plays a role in helping you navigate chaos to calm.

Mindfulness is creating a present-centered awareness.  When we practice mindfulness-based techniques such as controlled breathing or meditation, we shift out of a stress-success cycle into one of calm and control.

Mindful leadership is using mindfulness and concepts of mindfulness to create leadership presence.  When we cultivate leadership presence, we shift away from a task manager mindset to one of being of service to our team members.  A mindful leader is present for team members with a sense of compassion and gratitude.

If you click the link below, you will find a summary of our discussion on using these mindfulness-based techniques for your personal well-being as well as to cultivate a mindful leadership style.

Call to Action: Reset the Stress-Success Cycle

Welcome back sleep and calm your mood.  In our BrainUp! 3 Steps to Conquering Stress workshop, we discussed three steps to take to improve the state of our sleep, mood, and memory.

Seattle Study Club

Would you like a guided meditation to help you welcome sleep? 

Click on the link in blue below for a video of the guided meditation we practiced together at the EWIL retreat.


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