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Guest Podcast Appearance: State of Ed Podcast

Guest Podcast: State of Ed – Curing Busy Brain

Marc and guest co-host, Alex Andrade, sit down with Dr. Romie to discuss how educators can cure “busy brain.”

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Guest Appearance Podcast: Dr. Romie

This is Your Brain on Stress

Tune in to hear Dr. Romie’s story about navigating stress in the corporate world, recovering from burnout, and establishing a healthy work-life balance!

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The Hormone Prescription with Dr. Kyrin Dunston: Is brainDRAIN Robbing Your Hormonal Sanity?

Do you have trouble focusing? Feeling forgetful? Do you feel like your brain is in a fog? You’re not alone. Many midlife women experience what’s …

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In Your Head with Leigh Richardson

Dr. Romie was honored to dive into the Busy Brain protocol with Leigh Richardson on the In Your Head podcast. You can hear the episode …

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