Harnessing Mindfulness to Combat Stress in the Corporate World

In the latest episode of “Beyond the Meeting Room,” hosted by Mike Dominguez from Associated Luxury Hotels International, I had the privilege to discuss an urgent issue prevalent in high-stress professions: the phenomenon of the “Busy Brain.” Our conversation dove into the challenges of managing chronic stress, particularly for those in the hospitality and event planning industries.

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Beyond the Meeting Room Podcast Guest Appearance Dr. Romie Mushtaq

Key Highlights from the Podcast:

  • Understanding the ‘Busy Brain’: We explored how chronic stress, when left unchecked, leads to burnout, impacting both physical health and workplace efficiency.
  • Real-Life Impact: I shared personal anecdotes and professional observations on how high-stress environments push professionals to their limits, often at the cost of their health.
  • Strategies for Change: We discussed actionable steps that leaders can take to incorporate mindfulness and stress management within their teams to foster a healthier work environment.

Throughout our discussion, it became clear that managing stress isn’t just about finding temporary fixes but involves integrating sustainable wellness practices into our daily lives. As a Chief Wellness Officer with a background in neurology and integrative medicine, my approach is to guide leaders and organizations toward lasting changes that support both mental and physical health.

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If you’re looking to further explore how to manage your stress and optimize your brain health, seek out my book, The Busy Brain Cure. It’s designed to help you create a more balanced, fulfilling professional life. Purchase now on Amazon.

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