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Crushing Cancer & Pausing for Family with SVP Scott Roby

July 2, 2019: Scott Roby, shares his powerful journey on crushing cancer by focusing on nutrition, mindset, and love of family. You will hear what you can do today to start your own wellness journey.

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As a busy senior hospitality executive, father to young children, and newly engaged- the last thing Scott Roby expected was that vague abdominal pain would turn out to be Stage 4 cancer.  

On this week’s episode of Evolution Hospitality’s Wellness Evolved podcast, Senior Vice President of Operations, Scott Roby, shares his powerful journey on crushing cancer.  Today by focusing on nutrition, mindset, and love of his family he has reached his important 5-year survival mark with a poignant call to action. You will hear what you can do today to start your own wellness journey.  

We also invite you to support Scott Roby’s Cancer Crusher team raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma by donating or signing up to join our team to “Light The Night” at Angel Stadium in Anaheim on Sept 21, 2019. https://pages.lightthenight.org/ocie/OrangeCo19/CancerCrushers 

Show Notes:

  • [02:20] This is the beginning of season 2 where we talk about the path of wellness as we Nourish ourselves.
  • [03:18] Scott Roby just celebrated 14 years with Evolution Hospitality. He started out in 2005 as the Corporate Director of Revenue. He was then promoted to Vice President of Revenue Management. Last year, he made the move to operations.
  • [04:13] In December of last year, Scott became the father of a baby boy and he also has four girls. 
  • [05:17] In order to stay grounded, Scott finds time for himself during his commute.
  • [06:54] Scott shares how he wasn’t feeling well and eventually ended up being diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma.
  • [07:56] He had just proposed to his new wife.
  • [08:23] He spent four months in the hospital with an intensive chemotherapy regimen.
  • [08:50] Some of his inspirations were The Art of Mindful Living. He also meditated. His office was also in an eighth floor room looking over the ocean. He was also inspired by The Serenity Prayer.
  • [10:36] His wife was super supportive and started researching health and wellness. He cut sugar, alcohol, and nightshades out of his diet and added things like tumeric.
  • [11:59] A rigid diet regimen is almost impossible to follow.
  • [13:08] He wanted to give back, so he got involved in Light the Night. He also created the Cancer Crusher team. The money goes towards research which has helped a broad variety of cancer patients. 
  • [17:12] Find community to inspire you and start now. 
  • [18:42] Community is a huge part of the wellness triangle. Social isolation is a big problem in the US. 
  • [19:55] Scott is the mastermind behind Rapid Fire where he fires questions at someone for three minutes to get to know them. 
  • [21:06] Scott takes a pause in the car. He also pauses with his family. 
  • [22:09] Scott’s favorite guiding principle is none of us is as good as all of us.
  • [23:45] Dr. Romie expresses her gratitude towards Scott.
  • [24:44] What can you do to support your wellness?

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