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Embrace Mindfulness At Work: How to Start & Implement the Power of Pause

Are you ready to embrace Evolution Hospitality’s mindfulness program, “The Power of Pause?” In this episode, Evo’s Chief Wellness Officer, Dr. Romie, helps you fast forward on implementing Evo’s mindfulness program, “The Power of Pause.” How do you involve your team members and family in the Team Pause ritual? This episode covers the basics of our mindfulness-based program, how you can get to start with your entire team or family, and what to do when colleagues express objections.

How can you grow a movement as a team of one? Learn from the General Manager Mike Lerman how he built his team on the strength of Evo’s guiding principles and the Power of Pause. Mike was just awarded 2018 General Manager of the Year for an Acquisition or New Hotel, and he openly shares how the Power of Pause helped him during construction of a new property and getting through a successful grand opening of the AC Sunnyvale Hotel.

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