Holiday Busy Brain?

Tips to tame holiday Busy Brain

Are you feeling overwhelmed or like we are stuck on a global emotional hamster wheel? If only the pandemic and politics could take a holiday break. As our global brainSHIFT community reads this, I know we are in various stages of lockdown, searching for COVID19 tests, and worried about ill loved ones. I am sorry if Omicron derailed your holiday travel plans.

It’s time for a dose of Dr. Romie Real Talk. At this point, a holiday message about self-care, breathing through emotions, or writing a gratitude list feels trite – am I right?  

It may feel as if 2021 is starting all over again, but I assure you things are different. Why?  

You are stronger, more resilient, and if you’ve been hanging around here- you know how to brainSHIFT.   

Signs that you have Holiday Busy Brain (and need to brainSHIFT):

Late Monday, we had a technical glitch with our new system, & I gave my gut cleanse the side-eye. I started shoving my neighbor’s gift of Trader Joe’s chocolates into my mouth. Of course, it wasn’t until I ate 7 pieces that I realized – woah Romie- Busy Brain has taken over! 

How do you know you have a holiday Busy Brain?

  1. You feel numb watching the news or hearing about the latest surge numbers in our global pandemic.
  2. You can’t decide what to wear/what to pack/what to cook.
  3. You are snacking every 67 minutes, drinking too many cocktails, or in a carb coma.
  4. Holiday activities that usually dazzle you are instead fueling frazzle. 
Holiday busy brain signs

Frazzled mind? brainSHIFT and spark holiday joy.

Before I could stay up to get to the source of the tech glitch and create a plan for my team, I knew I had to calm my Busy Brain down. Stress eating wouldn’t help me stand in my brainPOWER to work late. Spikes in our blood sugar raise stress hormone levels like insulin and cortisol – and our ability to think rationally and calmly is blunted.

  1. Write down your frazzled list: I started a google document of everything that was bothering me. Get out every frazzled, frustrated, and furious thought. I then took a long hot shower and started to think through solutions to each of my frazzled points. Busy Brain needs to feel and express emotions, and then we brainSHIFT to create solutions.
  2. Be a source of comfort for others: Norma may not realize that her box of chocolates saved my brain and thus my business plans – but her intention was kind. She knows I love European chocolates, and a simple box when she ran out to the store was the thoughtful comfort I needed during a hectic time. Who is someone in need of company, comfort foods, or a call this holiday season? 
  3. Stress eating or drinking? Give yourself a break from judgment. If you can only cope with food, spare yourself the internal dialogue of guilt and shame. Negative self-talk creates trauma around food in your brain. Instead, allow yourself the moment of indulgence, and check out our free Holiday gift for you.
  4. Special tip for leaders: As a Chief Wellness Officer, I understand it can feel overwhelming when the people you care about share a long list of problems/worries/fears. You don’t have to fix everyone’s problems. Listen, say “tell me more,” and continue to listen.  
Steps to brainSHIFT a frazzled mind

Here’s to dazzling your Busy Brain,

Dr. Romie

PS: What dazzled you this week? Drop me a message in my LinkedIn or IG direct messages. It brings me joy to hear from you.

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