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Pause for Fashion, Evo Culture & Leadership with VP Gary Spencer

June 12, 2019: Gary Spencer breaks down how fashion is a mode of self-expression, how "The Power of Pause" corporate mindfulness program works and how servant leadership is implemented with new team members.

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Vice President of Sales at Evolution Hospitality, Gary Spencer, answers one of the most commonly asked questions from Evolutionaries, “help, I’m going to corporate, what do I wear?”  As one of Evo’s founders, Gary breaks down how fashion is a mode of self-expression, and the style at Evo is really to show up as your authentic self. Learn about how “The Power of Pause,” Evo’s corporate mindfulness program has been adopted within the sales division.  Gary also discusses how Evo’s guiding principles based on servant leadership are implemented with new team members.

Show Notes:

  • [01:36] Founder and Vice President of Sales Gary Spencer is here.
  • [02:25] The biggest event EVO is the Annual Leadership Conference.
  • [02:49] A lot of people were wondering what to wear leading up to the leadership conference.
  • [03:21] As a Southern California company, we try not to take ourselves too seriously. We want people to be comfortable, but we also want them to feel good and look good.
  • [04:45] Looking hip and cool starts with a great pair of jeans. Get dark colored jeans that fit your body style. Tuck your shirt in, and sneakers are okay. You can also wear a blazer for the conference.
  • [08:24] The point is to dress for comfort.
  • [09:29] Gary embodies the spirit of fun and working hard.
  • [11:22] The power of pause is fantastic for new hotel takeovers. The first thing we do is start with the power of pause to alleviate anxiety. The power of pause is centering.
  • [13:52] Mindfulness isn’t a gimmick, it actually works.
  • [14:27] The power of pause is our corporate mindfulness program that is based in neuroscience, psychology, organizational psychology, and mindfulness.
  • [15:45] If you are healthy at home, you will be healthy at work.
  • [16:44] At Evolution the power of pause begins from the top.
  • [17:22] Gary answers rapid-fire questions.
  • [17:51] Celebrate success wildly is Gary’s favorite guiding principle.
  • [20:08] Saying thank you and recognition releases feel-good hormones in the body.

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