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5 Tips to Boost Energy & Brain Power Naturally


I wanted to give you a few quick tips to naturally feel energized during the day. You’re going to find it much easier to focus at work, stay focused, and be energized. These tips are based in neurology, integrative medicine and mindfulness. If we take a few to energize our own minds, bodies, and spirits- we can seize our to-do lists more effectively.


Hydration. This is nothing new to all of you in our community. A quick way that I do this is carry a water bottle that has the markings and reminds you of how many ounces of water you are drinking daily.

How much water? A rule of thumb is, take your weight in pounds and divide this number by two. Drink this many ounces of water each day. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds: 150 divided by 2= 75. So drink 75 ounces.

You’re going to find it much easier to focus at work, stay focused, and be energized. Other beverages count towards your hydration goal, but be mindful of added sugar. Added sugar will fuel fatigue.


A magic way to prolong the effect of coffee. This got a lot of attention in the press known as “Bulletproof Coffee.” Do you know the history behind where Bulletproof Coffee came from?


The original version of bulletproof coffee created by David Asprey, but the roots of this type of beverage dates back centuries to Asia. Asprey branded his own coffee and variations on medium-chain-triglyceride (MCT) oils and opened up his first coffee shop in Santa Monica, CA. His trendy concoctions, however, have dietary inspiration dating back centuries to Eastern medicine.


Living high in the mountains, Himalayan populations from the Sherpas in Nepal to Kashmir in northern India have been sipping similar brews for centuries. Also, the Gurage people of Ethiopia traditionally prepare coffee with butter, honey, and salt. In Vietnam, chon coffee beans are sauteed with butter, salt and sugar, then lightly roasted. And in Singapore, it’s common to saute coffee beans with butter and spices before grinding.

One of the most studied blends is traditional Tibetan butter tea, called po cha. The drink is made by churning fermented black tea with salty yak butter. With Ayurvedic origins, each butter tea ingredient serves a purpose. The tea may improve mental alertness and cognitive capacity, and the polyphenol compounds may help buffer the stress of high-altitude living. Sodium balances the diuretic effects of the tea, while yak butter contains about 2.5 percent conjugated linoleic acid. CLA has been shown to have anti-carcinogenic properties and may help reduce hunger, decrease body fat mass and increase lean body mass in some people.

In the unique and harsh environment of the Tibetan Plateau, butter tea is sipped throughout the day for energy, hydration, and fuel for farming and pilgrimage.


You don’t need to buy those fancy coffees or the actual oils. I’m a firm believer in doing it the natural way rooted in Eastern medicinal traditions such as Ayurveda.

  • Use organic coffee beans, ground fresh
  • Take two tablespoons of organic, grass-fed butter. {Is there supposed to be a brand mentioned here?} — – And two tablespoons of coconut oil. (And I know, you’re making a face like, “Girl, are you telling me to put coconut oil and butter in my coffee?” )I know!
  • If you want to sweeten it a little bit more, you can add a natural flavor like stevia, honey, or agave syrup to it.

The trick is those medium chain fatty acids in the butter and oil prolong the energizing and focus ability of the caffeine. But, they also keep you satiated and full, so you don’t crave carbs. Those essential fatty acids are actually outstanding and healthy for brain health and all hormones.


One of my favorite recommendations I make to most clients, and again run this by your physician and you may need to get labs, is doing a vitamin B complex in the morning. Now, there is a difference between vitamin B12 and the entire vitamin B complex.

I have an example here of one that I like to prescribe, a vitamin B complex that’s a liquid. The liquid is much easier to digest and much easier to absorb. Some of these brands may be just a little pricier because they integrate what medical practitioners use in functional medicine, known as methylcobalamin, rather than cyanocobalamin. You’ll see this one has thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, B6, B12, and panto-, pantothenic acid, which is vitamin B5.


Eyeroll, we don’t have time to exercise right? Can you think of an activity to do for even 5 minutes to increase your heart rate? Sprint with your dog down the streets, dance to your favorite two songs, or take a few flight of stairs. Elevating our heart rates elevates brain chemicals known as endorphins.

Morning bursts of these endorphins like adrenaline and dopamine create a high that can last for hours. In combination with morning caffeine and vitamin B complex, you will find yourself focused & feeling in control the entire day.


As a mindfulness and meditation advocate, I cannot stress the importance of taking a breath break several times a day. Controlled breathing for 3-5 minutes helps to reset the brain’s stress center to calm. When we tackle our to-do lists from a place of calm, we reserve our brain’s fuel and energy.

Do you have other tricks that help you find focus, calm and energy throughout the day? I’d love to hear more below.

You got this!

Dr. Romie

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