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Tackling ADHD, Anxiety, and Insomnia

In a recent episode of the Root Cause Medicine Podcast, I had the opportunity to discuss a critical and increasingly common issue: the impact of ...
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Revitalize Your Mind: Combat Busy Brain with Dr. Romie Mushtaq

In my recent NBC WFLA Bloom TV appearance, I explored the Busy Brain phenomenon and shared my journey from a neurologist to an expert in ...
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The Brain Science of Quiet Quitting

Was quiet quitting just a TikTok buzzword that has become a washed-up, Gen Z trend? (says this GenX Dr. Aunty) Or did we miss the ...
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Sleep Your Way to Better Health

The hustle culture of so many workplaces applauds employees who function on less than five hours of sleep. This mindset of powering through your day ...
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