Interview with Adam Lund of Evolution Hospitality: Campus Manager for the Bayside Campus in San Diego

October 22, 2019: Adam Lund dives into servant leadership and how to carry out company principles by setting expectations, holding people to those expectations, and making them accountable.

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As Campus Manager for Evolution Hospitality, Adam has worked from the ground up on our guiding principles and has been an essential figure in growing our corporate mindfulness programs, The Power of Pause.

Adam started working for Evolution Hospitality 19 years ago. He was recruited in March of 2000 by John Murphy, who joined Tarsadia Hotels at Regency Plaza. With rebranding and renovation, they changed to DoubleTree Hotels. In 2011, the business became a part of Evolution Hospitality. Since these beginnings started with one property, we have scaled to more than 70 properties.

Adam speaks about managing the team’s performance with what the owner of the company is expecting. Dr. Romie talks about these challenges which business owners commonly deal with on a daily basis. We discuss our people-driven culture, and as we grow, these are ideals we put into practice every day. Our principles aren’t just written on a wall, they are practiced with every employee at Evolution Hospitality.

We also dive into how to carry out the principles by setting expectations, holding people to those expectations, and making them accountable. We discuss servant leadership and what this means to Adam and how he applies our principles to his servant leadership. Adam gives his advice to general managers on how they can reach out for support or use resources to be the best at their job. Taking the time to pause and listen to all the evolutionaries in our company.

Adam discusses with Dr. Romie the importance of being your authentic self at the office and how the guiding principles translate into the day-to-day business. How Adam came up with an idea to decorate with hashtags in graffiti artwork to create a buzz about company goals and how you don’t need to be a brain doctor to know that the Power of Pause works!

Show Notes:

  • [01:38] Dr. Romie welcomes Adam to Wellness Evolved.
  • [03:16] Adam tells the story of his journey with the company.
  • [04:35] Overarching principles and their meaning within our business.
  • [05:06] Adam’s personal principal he is most familiar with in the company.
  • [07:11] Show employees why with a system of understanding.
  • [08:11] Guidance from Adam to new general managers of Evolution Hospitality.
  • [09:56] Practicing sincerity in our company and finding personal connections to build loyalty in a genuine way.
  • [12:22] Adam tells the story of how he involved the entire office in decorating a space at the company.
  • [16:03] How Adam adopted the Power of Pause. 
  • [19:00] Did the Power of Pause come naturally to Adam?
  • [21:45] Doing breathing exercises during brain surgery assists patients in having their heart rate lower.
  • [22:54] How Adam takes a pause in his personal life.
  • [23:55] What guiding principle would Adam advise a new General Manager to use first.

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