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Let’s Pause, Breathe, and Review: How to Start & Grow Evo’s Mindfulness Program

April 24, 2019: Have you had your pause today? Hear more about the power of pause mindfulness program

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Have you had your pause today? Today, we are going to hit the pause button and rewind. This is the first season called the power of pause. Whether you are part of Evo or you’re listening from outside of the company, the power of pause is Evolution Hospitality’s mindfulness program. I am Dr. Romie, Evo’s Chief Wellness Officer.

When I stepped into this role last year, we decided to start our workplace wellness journey with mindfulness. And that’s known as the power of pause. This rewind episode takes us on a journey of the last 12 episodes. Our mindfulness journey is based on the latest research and brain science, medical evidence, and organizational psychology. The team that pauses together moves forward and is successful together.

Show Notes

  • [02:42] We launched the power of pause initiative one year ago. We gathered our strongest leaders and trained mindfulness Evo guides and champions.
  • [03:06] All of our teams are in various places in the movement.
  • [03:35] Today is going to be a reminder of why we should take a pause, and it will help us navigate through some of the past episodes of this podcast.
  • [04:04] We have over 6000 employees, and we wanted an innovative way to communicate with you. That is why we launched this podcast.
  • [05:02] We are going to answer questions, bring experts in, and highlight other leaders.
  • [05:18] You can learn more about me in episode 4.
  • [06:03] Episode 1 will really help you understand who Evo is and why we not only hire for skills but also for culture.
  • [07:20] Our episode on embracing mindfulness at work will help you implement the power of pause in your life and with your team.
  • [09:16] If you are wondering what to do next listen to our inspiring episode how to grow the power of pause with Michael Kapoulis.
  • [11:15] Find some quiet time and listen to the short interviews.
  • [12:14] There are also bonus issues that take your through the meditations.
  • [13:02] We all have busy brains. Taking a pause will convert that brain into a calm consciousness. Listen to our 3 minute personal mediation for this.
  • [14:12] There is also a 10 minute at home guided meditation. Find a moment to take a pause. If you are doing this than email me how you and your team take a team pause.
  • [17:20] We will be wrapping up our power of pause season and traveling around the wellness triangle.
  • [17:36] This is my strategic plan on how to grow and foster wellness for our team of over 6000.
  • [18:02] Season 2 starts in May and it’s going to be about nourishing and nutrition.
  • [18:25] We also have seasons coming up on sleep, finding your calling, and other important wellness initiatives.

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