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pause brainshift Dr Romie

Pause: Stop the Stress-Success Cycle

July 5, 2018: Are You Stuck in the Stress-Success Cycle? You succeed then pause and think “am I happy now?” Being stuck in this cycle ...
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physician burnout

Mindful Medicine to Transform Physician Burnout

June 27, 2018: The topic of burnout seems to be overused yet ineffectively addressed. What is the role of meditation and mindfulness for healing?
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group meditation for team

Meditate Together, Move Forward in Success Together: Corporate Meditation & Mindfulness at Evolution Hospitality

May 18, 2018: Why is taking a team pause important? Let's talk about the brain science and psychology of how stopping to pause helps us ...
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traits of successful female leaders

Mindset Secrets of Female Leaders

As you hear about this movement, have you been wondering how do I find my voice and learn to stand strong?  The answer is that ...
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