Dr. Romie Mushtaq & Suneera Madhani on Becoming a Best-Selling Author

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I recently had the honor of joining Suneera Madhani on the CEO School podcast for an enlightening episode titled “How to Become a Best-Selling Author.” As a seasoned neurologist and integrative medicine expert, I brought over two decades of experience to this dynamic conversation.

Key Points from the Podcast:

  • Insider Knowledge: Dive into the intricacies of writing and publishing a compelling book.
  • Strategic Insight: Learn effective book marketing strategies and the importance of building a supportive community for your book launch.
  • Thought Leadership: Understand the commitment and goal setting necessary for successful book publishing.

In this episode, we dissected the journey of book writing, from crafting a persuasive book proposal to the rigorous commitment needed for a successful book launch. It’s not just about writing; it’s about strategically positioning yourself in the market. We discussed the importance of setting clear goals, choosing the right publishing path, and the power of community support in the world of book publishing.

For aspiring authors, entrepreneurs, and anyone eager to master the art of thought leadership, this episode is a goldmine of practical advice and insider tips. You’ll gain firsthand insight into the challenges and triumphs of book publishing, underscored by my journey with The Busy Brain Cure.

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To dive deeper into the concepts of “Busy Brain,” brainSHIFT, and effective stress management, grab your copy of my new book, The Busy Brain Cure, published by HarperCollins. This book is your eight-week plan to find focus, tame anxiety, and sleep again, going much further into the topics we discussed.

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