Listen to the Insightful Podcast Discussion with Allison Walsh

I recently had the privilege of joining Allison Walsh on her dynamic podcast She Believed She Could, a platform dedicated to empowering women to become leaders and innovators. As a neurologist and integrative medicine expert, I brought over two decades of experience to our engaging discussion.

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Here are some highlights:

  • Addressing the Stress Crisis: I shared that 82% of people suffer from chronic stress or burnout. My approach offers a researched solution for healing.
  • Disrupting Mental Health: My upcoming book, The Busy Brain Cure, challenges conventional views on adult onset ADD, anxiety, insomnia, and corporate burnout.
  • Cultivating Confidence: I discussed how connecting with our inner truth and radiating compassion and grace is key to personal and professional growth.

Listen to our full conversation and gain invaluable insights into managing your mental well-being. 馃攰 Listen Now: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts

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If our podcast discussion resonated with you, dive deeper with my new book, The Busy Brain Cure, published by HarperCollins on January 9, 2024. In this groundbreaking work, I explore brainSHIFT techniques and stress management strategies to rejuvenate your mental health. Purchase it here: The Busy Brain Cure: The Eight-Week Plan to Find Focus, Tame Anxiety, and Sleep Again.

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