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I’m thrilled to share my latest podcast appearance on Hustle Humbly, hosted by the dynamic duo Alissa Jenkins and Katy Caldwell. As a neurologist and integrative medicine expert, I brought over 20 years of experience to this engaging discussion.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding ‘Busy Brain’: We explored the concept of a ‘busy brain,’ a common challenge in our fast-paced world.
  • brainSHIFT Protocol: I shared the key components of my brainSHIFT protocol, offering life-changing insights for better brain health.
  • Boundaries & Self-Care: We emphasized the importance of setting boundaries and practicing self-care for mental well-being.
  • Intention Setting: An exciting segment where we set a powerful intention for the year.

This episode wasn’t just another talk; it was a deep dive into practical strategies for taming our busy brains. As a ‘STEMinist in stilettos,’ I aimed to elevate the conversation around brain health and stress management. The hosts and I shared personal experiences, making this an unmissable episode for anyone looking to improve their mental wellness.

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Before you go, make sure to grab your copy of my newly released book, The Busy Brain Cure, published by HarperCollins on January 9, 2024. This book is your guide to diving deeper into the topics we discussed on the podcast. It’s an essential read for anyone looking to manage stress and improve their focus and sleep.

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