One Habit Successful Leaders Do to Stay Sane in 2020

One Habit Successful Leaders Do to Stay Sane in 2020

Are you wearing 2020 stress as a badge of dishonor? Well, stop scrolling, trolling, and trying to analyze all the confusing polling.

Really, enough. It’s time to brainSHIFT and learn what successful leaders and entrepreneurs do to stay sane in 2020.

How do you brainSHIFT to keep sane in our global pandemic?

Our polling and stress tests showed us one clear pattern after giving over 60 virtual presentations on stress management and mental health.

Exerting self-control of your schedule before bedtime is critical. Prioritize self-care, relationships, and playtime dominated over watching the news, reading articles online, scrolling the Gram, and mindlessly watching tik-tok videos. (Yes, I sound like such an old-fashioned Aunty right now.)

What are some activities that you have found to help you create a more sane night-time routine?

The most popular we hear:

  1. Doing a household chore you can complete and feel a sense of accomplishment. DIY projects give the same level of joy as loading a dishwasher
  2. Activities that require using your hands and brain are knitting, adult coloring books, painting, and putting together a puzzle.
  3. Reading an actual book or magazine 
  4. If you choose to watch television, pick an uplifting show or a movie with a strong message, leader, and positivity. Cheering on your favorite sports team is also a great option.

Tonight, I’m baking gluten-free dark chocolate brownies.

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