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Process 2020 and Plan for 2021

You are not alone if there is an inherent desire within you to see your world change when January 1st, 2021 arrives. While we cannot change what is going on in the world, we can change how we respond to our worlds.

It is possible to wake up in the New Year (or even tomorrow morning) with a fresh perspective grounded in hope and positivity. In the previous two articles, we discussed:

  1. Rise above the challenges of 2020 and rise into gratitude
  2. Heal what no longer serves you through forgiveness

Step three is putting the first two steps together and processing your emotions tied to the events of the past year.

How to Process 2020

We process 2020 in our minds to move forward into 2021 without dragging our emotional baggage, fears, negativity, or trauma into the new year.  

What does the “process 2020” mean? I want you to be present, be clear, and be intentional. We’re going to wrap up what we did in part one and two and now process the events and emotions of 2020. 

STEP 1: Get it All Out

I want you to write it all down in a letter. You may have been writing down with some journal prompts already. 

STEP 2: Create a Gratitude List

I want you to create your gratitude list. 

  • What are you thankful that you learned? 
  • What are you thankful that you overcame? 
  • What are the things you’re thankful for, the behaviors, and the issues you want to take forward into 2021? Maybe you’re thankful for the time and the connection with your family or your loved ones. You’re thankful for how you shifted in your business.

STEP 3: Create a Forgiveness List

And create your forgiveness list. There is drama, trauma, and stress that none of us want to take into 2021. I want you to write down what happened. I want you to forgive it by saying, “I forgive 2020 for creating challenges in my job/health/family.” 

STEP 4: Write it Down

You’re going to write down this entire letter, not type it. Please use a pen and paper to help you release the issues from your brain and your spirit. When you type letters, it acts as a trigger to your brain that you are saving the document in your server and in your spirit.

STEP 5: Burn Your Letter

And then I want you to rip that piece of paper out of your journal, whether it’s a list, whether it’s a long letter, take some quiet time as we end 2020 to do this exercise and go out and burn the letter. (Don’t burn it indoors.) I know it’s cold outside for many of you watching this, but go ahead and burn this letter. Release it. 

This process allows us to release what’s no longer serving us. Process everything in mind, body, and spirit so that you can go forward and be prosperous in 2021.

I’m Dr. Romie. If this is helpful, join us in the brainSHIFT movement, or follow along on social media. We send out gifts, resources like this to the global community every month. Welcome, and may you have healing and prosperity in 2021.

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