How to Rise Above, Heal, and Process 2020

How to Rise Above, Heal, and Process 2020

“You can’t really know where you are going until you know where you have been.” – Maya Angelou

This time of year brings blogs and news stories with suggestions on having a happier holiday season, avoiding weight gain, and then pressure to lose weight in the New Year. Given the ramifications of the global economic crisis and pandemic, I find it wiser to face those challenges and start to process all of the drama, trauma, and stress.

Would you like to release and move past what did not serve you this past year?

When you think of planning for 2021 personally and professionally, let’s build upon the processes that are already working for your health, finances, career, family, and spirituality. 

Ask yourself how you can move forward despite the emotional roller coaster of 2020? Do you feel like your mind and life are stuck as if you are wading through molasses?  

Over the next few weeks, I am sharing a three-step process I have successfully used with corporate teams who feel stressed, stuck, or worried about disengagement.  

How can we move forward to 2021 planning without coming to terms with the last 10 months’ challenges?

I invite you to rise, heal, and process 2020 



The list may feel endless, but allow yourself the quiet time to think about the challenges you faced in the last 8-12 months. In our professional lives, we faced adjusting to remote teams or working at the pandemic’s front lines. Personally, you may have had to play teacher with children virtual schooling or attend family gatherings through a screen.  

I will give you an example from my business. In March we lost or had to renegotiate contracts for 80% of our secured revenue for 2020. As a professional speaker and corporate wellness consultant, all of our in-person meetings and events were canceled. I had short notice to set up a semi-professional studio, AV equipment, & lighting for virtual presentations. 


As you review your list of personal and professional challenges from the previous year, write down all of the lessons, skills, and activities you learned.

You may have learned how to use zoom, Microsoft teams, or Google Meet for the first time. You grew closer (or further apart) from family and friends.

What did you learn about yourself? I learned that I didn’t have to define success by the number of speaking engagements or frequent flyer miles I accrued each year. (Although I do miss everyone at Delta Airlines).


It may feel challenging to find gratitude in troubled times. When we name the people, experiences, and lessons who bring us gratitude, we take that positive energy into the new year.  

  • What do you want to continue in 2021? Your new nutrition or at-home-workout plan?  
  • Give thanks for what actions and plans worked out in your favor this past year.  
  • Most of all, give thanks for the growth, opportunities, and lessons slowing down gave us this past year.

As I rebuilt my business model from scratch, I give gratitude to my team members Cindy, Kylie, and Mandy. We built innovative and effective virtual wellness and mental health programs through the roller coaster of moods and news cycles.

Click here to continue on to Part 2: Heal and Process Your 2020 Emotions.

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