Process Grief Mindfully Airing Out Your Grievances

Process Grief Mindfully: Airing Out Your Grievances

In our part of the world, masks are coming off- literally and figuratively. I am mindful that our US situation may differ from yours, even differing by states and companies. Some of us are back in offices; others are trying to sort out what is next?

I am mindful that we have a global brainSHIFT crew. Companies we serve in Australia, Brazil, and India are suffering through increased infections and lockdowns, while leaders in the UK tell me they are seeing family for the first time.

What is your brain state?

My message today is to assess the state of your brain before trying to rebuild relationships and business. We are all carrying emotional baggage packed with grief, trauma, joy, and hope. So it’s important to process our emotions and level our mindset before projecting on others?

What are signs you are projecting instead of processing?

  1. Are you finding yourself silently yelling at strangers or acquaintances while driving in your car, in the grocery store, or looking at their social media feed?
  2. Are you feeling anxious about going out to the store, the office, or a family gathering?
  3. Have you actively engaged in conflict about politics, news, sports, or your viewpoint on social media or in person?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, take a moment to pause and process. There is no need to feel shame; you are self-aware and experience the normal human range of emotions. We all have been there, myself included. I found myself biting on a napkin in a coffee shop to stop cursing (in one of four languages).

“Airing Out Your Grievances” 

Our signature “brainSHIFT” keynote program covers an exercise I want to share with you called “Airing Out Your Grievances.”  

  1. Get pen and paper or your journal.
  2. Here are five key questions to ask yourself.
  3. Please take a few moments to ask yourself these questions daily and answer them honestly. 
  4. Feel safe to speak your truth. Are you missing your favorite gym or neighborhood bar?
  5. Once you answer the questions, rip up the paper or burn the piece of paper. You are showing your brain that you are starting the action of letting go.
  6. Repeat daily as necessary.
Process Grief Mindfully: Airing Out Your Grievances

I grieve not meeting so many of you in person through in-person speaking and consulting engagements at your companies. However, I am thankful we can connect virtually, and I still allow myself to grieve at the same time.

May you find a path to process your brain state.

Let’s brainSHIFT,

Dr. Romie

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