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Guest Appearance Podcast: Dr. Romie

This is Your Brain on Stress

Tune in to hear Dr. Romie's story about navigating stress in the corporate world, recovering from burnout, and establishing a healthy work-life balance!
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Icon image on bed, arms raised

Sleep Your Way to Better Health

The hustle culture of so many workplaces applauds employees who function on less than five hours of sleep. This mindset of powering through your day ...
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3 reasons to not use melatonin graphic

3 Reasons to Avoid Melatonin & What to Do Instead

If you experience problems drifting off to sleep on a regular basis, there’s a good chance you’ve already tried some common over-the-counter remedies, including melatonin. ...
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Neuronutrient Citicoline Supports Cognitive Function & Longevity — Here’s How

Dr. Romie joins the conversation with MindBodyGreen on Choline and Citicoline – what it is, why our brains need it, and the benefits.
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